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Laser Particle Size Laboratory

RSG Inc maintains extensive particle size analysis facilities. The size analysis laboratory is equipped with;

  • Dry (rotap & air sieve) and wet screens.

  • Hegman gauge.

  • Microtrac X-100 laser particle size analyzer.

  • Microtrac S-3500 laser particle size analyzer.

  • Coulter LS-100 small volume laser size analyzer.

  • Coulter LS-130 wet and dry laser analyzer.

  • Coulter LS-230 wet and dry laser particle size analyzer.

  • Optical microscope.

All of the above instruments are available for contract particle size analysis. Custom particle size analysis can be performed on single samples or bulk lots on a one off service or contract basis.

lasers 003_edited.jpg

Coulter LS-230 Laser particle size analyzer  

lasers 005.jpg

Microtrac X-100 Laser particle size analyzer. Call for pricing on your custom particle size analysis requirements. Laser analysis is performed wet, in water or Isopropyl alcohol.

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